District Honor Band and All-State Auditions Registration due Sept 5th

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Dear Parents and Students,


The District Honor Band & All-State Auditions are quickly approaching.  This is a great opportunity for your student to grow as an individual musician! Auditions provide an opportunity for students to work hard and reach new levels of performance on their instruments.  Auditions prepare students to perform well in pressure situations such as concert performances, solo performances, and chair placements.  Students who audition early in their music career increase their chances of success when they audition for top performing groups at the high school level and scholarship opportunities at the collegiate level.


District Honor Band & All-State are two separate events.  District band is made up of the best players from Cobb County and the All State Band is made up of the best players throughout Georgia! Students are placed in these ensembles by audition.  Auditions will be held at Dodgen Middle School, Saturday December 1st On the audition, students will play 4 major scales, chromatic scale, and sight-reading.


There is an audition fee that our state organization charges in order to run the event.  The audition fee of $10 for “Honor Band only” or $35 for “All-State and Honor Band” is due by September 5th, 2018.


Based upon the audition scores on December 1st, your student may become a member of the 2019 District 12 Honor Band.  The District 12 honor band will be hosted at Lovinggood Middle School and will run Friday evening February 1st through Saturday, February 2nd and a concert on Sunday February 3rd.


If your student auditioned for both Honor Band and All-State and scores highly on the December 1st audition, they may qualify for the All-State Band second round audition.  The 2nd round audition is held in January at Perry Middle School in Perry, GA.  If you score high enough on the second audition, you may become a member of the 2019 Georgia All-State Band and perform in Athens, GA in March!







  • We encourage all 7th graders to audition for at least “Honor Band Only”
  • All 8-1 students are required to audition for Honor Band and All State
  • Auditions will take place Saturday, December 1st at Dodgen Middle School (directions and audition times will be provided. You provide your own transportation).
  • Audition materials will be distributed in class. You can find extra copies at GMEA.org under the divisions tab click bands, scroll down and click all-state middle school band scales & etudes under audition requirements.
  • Audition fee of $10 for just honor band or $35 for honor band and all-state band is due no later than September 5th, 2018.
  • Additional information will be sent home if your student is selected to be a member of the Honor Band and/or scores high enough for the second round All-State audition.


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