Encore-itis: The Desire for an Artist to Perform Additional Songs at the End of a Concert

Welcome to the world of "Encore-itis"! 🎤 This fascinating phenomenon takes center stage when the lights dim, the crowd roars, and the artist exits, only to return for more. But what exactly is Encore-itis, and why does it grip both performers and audiences alike?

The Origins of Encore-itis

Let's dive into the roots of this term. "Encore" is a French word that translates to "again." In the context of a concert, it represents the audience's plea for an additional performance. The term "Encore-itis" playfully combines this French origin with the suffix "-itis," often used to describe an inflammation or obsession.

Historically, encores date back to the 18th century when audiences in European classical music settings would passionately demand the repetition of a particularly beloved piece. Fast forward to today, and Encore-itis has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that transcends musical genres.

The Psychology Behind the Applause

The desire for an encore is not a mere whim; it's deeply rooted in the psychology of performance and audience engagement. 🧠 The emotional connection between an artist and their audience reaches its peak during the encore. The applause, cheers, and chants act as a powerful reinforcement, creating a shared experience that lingers in the memories of both performer and spectator.

The Encore as a Ritual

Think of the encore as a ritual that punctuates the end of a live performance. 🎭 It's a moment where the performer, having already given their all, returns to the stage to deliver something extra special. The audience, in turn, becomes an active participant, influencing the artist's decision to perform more. This exchange transforms a concert into a collaborative, dynamic experience.

Notable Encore Moments

Throughout history, there have been iconic encore moments that have left a lasting impact. From The Beatles' rooftop concert to Queen's legendary Live Aid performance, encores have become part of music folklore. 🎸 These moments showcase the power of Encore-itis in shaping the narrative of a live show and solidifying an artist's connection with their fanbase.


Encore-itis is more than a desire for additional songs; it's a celebration of shared joy, a testament to the emotional bond between artists and their audience. 🎉 So, the next time you find yourself chanting "Encore!" at a concert, know that you're contributing to a tradition that spans centuries, making live performances an unforgettable experience for all.