Band Concerts Tomorrow!


This is just a friendly reminder of the two concerts tomorrow night.

The 7th Graders need to bring their concert uniforms to school tomorrow because they are staying for a pre-concert rehearsal starting at 4:30 in the auditorium.  Doors for their concert will open at 5:45 for a 6pm concert.  The 7th grade concert should last until about 6:30.

The 7th graders who are performing in the 7pm 8th grade concert will help me quickly reset the stage and I will have a snack for them to hold them over until they can eat dinner following the 8th grade concert.

The 8th grade concert will be at 7pm.  Their call time is 6:30.  The 8-2 Band’s call will be on stage (once the 7th grade concert has finished) and 8-1 will be in the band room.

At 7pm, 8-2 will be first, followed by 8-2.  All 8th grade students are expected to stay and watch the other band’s performance. A section of the auditorium will be blocked off for the students to sit in, while the other band is on stage performing.   Both performances should be brief.  I expect the event to be over by 7:45 to 8pm.

The concert attire for all three ensembles will be the concert tux and dresses that the students purchased.  Please make sure that the students are wearing formal black shoes and socks for the boys and acceptable formal black dress shoes or solid black flats for the girls.

It should be a great night.  Do not be put off if you hear people speaking into recording devices in the back of the auditorium because those are our judges that we hired for the evening.  This is our trial run for LGPE and the students will listen to the adjudication feedback in class.

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