7-1 Symphonic Camp Information

Click here to download the 7-1 Symphonic Camp Form

Sign and return to Mr. Grogan by Monday, February 6th, 2017



Greetings Barber Band Family!


The 7-1 grade symphonic camp is just around the corner. We are having our annual Symphonic Band Camp on Thursday, February 9th. This should be a highly challenging, inspirational, and rewarding experience for your child.  The students will get full band rehearsals with sectionals.  The purpose of this camp is to prepare for our LGPE evaluation.


This Symphonic Camp is at no cost to the students.  At Barber MS, we feel so strongly about providing this opportunity to our students that we are willing to cover the costs completely minus food for Thursday night.  On that night, the students can elect to bring a sack lunch or turn in $10.00 to the black boxes located around the school with a payment envelope marked, “Band Clinic” to have dinner provided for them.


I must stress how important it is for us to have 100% participation at this camp.  We really need the whole team there as we are using this event as our catalyst to kick off what will become a very successful concert season.  This is a required event and is graded for all 7-1 Band students. Outlined on the back is the schedule for the Symphonic Camp, as well as the food order.  Please sign and return this to Mr. Grogan by Monday, February 6th, 2017.  With the food order form, please include $10 if your child is going to eat the pizza and refreshments on Friday night, January 22nd. 



Thursday, Febraury 9th

4:00 p.m. –               Report to the Band Room

4:15 p.m. –               Full Band Rehearsal – set up on stage

5:45 p.m. –               Dinner in the Cafeteria

6:15 p.m. –               Break

6:30 p.m. –               Sectional Rehearsals

8:00 p.m. –               Full Band Rehearsal

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