A Message from our Principal

Dear Parents:

As we close down the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year, I want to thank you all for your continued support of everything we do here at Barber to provide a quality educational experience for all our students. The start of this year has been a bit more fragmented than we would have preferred due to growth in enrollment, some teacher illnesses that required supply teachers, and additional allotments to help reduce class sizes. We have avoided a continuation of ongoing schedule modifications throughout the semester as we have earned additional allotments, but we are facing necessary schedule changes as we add additional teaching sections for second semester.

The school board and our Assistant Superintendent have examined allotments and class sizes in an effort to determine what additional support and change is needed to further reduce class sizes where appropriate. Thankfully, we have earned additional teaching allotments that will be put in place in January. While there are inherent challenges with making schedule changes for students, the overall benefit will be reduced and balanced class sizes.

We have chosen to wait until the second semester to make necessary schedule changes in order to help make the transition smoother for students and parents. When students return to school on January 7, 2014 they will receive a copy of their new schedule (if appropriate). Please keep in mind:

    • Not all students will have schedule changes
    • We will attempt to keep changes to a minimum
    • Unfortunately, we will not be able to entertain requests for specific schedule changes
    •  Students’ grades WILL NOT be affected, as the new grading period begins in January

We look forward to a successful second semester, and are grateful for your continued support! I hope you each have a peaceful, happy holiday season.


Lisa O. Williams Principal

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  1. Erica Farmer says:

    thank y’all for putting so much time and money into our band program in order to make us the best middle school band around!!!

    p.s. I heard y’all’s 6th greaders and they’re doing great!!!!!

    Erica Farmer 2nd period

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